General Programme 2024


AUDACITY COMMITMENT TALENT HARMONY In Beta, there is only one way to do things: doing them well. This is Beta’s world, this is the principle that guides our daily work around the world, driven by four values: to invest and constantly relaunch an enterprise created by an Italian craftsman in 1923, which has asserted itself worldwide and continues to grow after four generations. AUDACITY in taking care of the quality of our products, because every retailer knows he can count on an efficient service, and every user knows they can rely on the precision, reliability and resistance of Beta products. COMMITMENT of the lines, for a design of excellence, because when something is well done, it expresses a perfect balance between function and design. HARMONY it is our most precious resource, the one that distinguishes all our people and every professional who chooses Beta to leave nothing up to chance, in the engaging and passionate fulfilment of their ideas and dreams. TALENT


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