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electronic multipurpose battery charger, 12V

multipurpose battery charger / starter, 12-24V wheeled Since no internal battery is available, thestart function (max. 350A) does not replace that of a speci fi c starter type1498LT/12 (2000A).

OBD II car memory saver connectors, 12V, for item 1498SM/C

Allows batteries to be charged and powers motor vehicles while reprogramming and self-diagnosing

€ 79,00

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car memory saver connectors, 12V clamp, for item 1498SM/CP


€ 27,00

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- maximum continuous charging current: 120A - charging and maintenance with CPU microprocessor - battery recovery function - reprogramming and power supply for ECU - protected against polarity reversal, short circuits, incorrect voltage and overload TECHNICAL DATA Power supply: 90-260V Power: 1500W Charging current: 10-120A Battery type: Agm - Wet - Lithium (LifePo4)


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• 3 programmed charging cycles and 1 manual cycle • electronic adjusting potentiometer • speci fi c WET-SPIRAL/GEL-AGM charging cycles • electronic control and protection system • 10-stage charging process • battery desulfurization and recovery function • supply function • dual voltage, 12-24V • also suitable for Start&Stop batteries • professional rubber-insulated brass clamps

memory saver power supplies for item 1498SM/A

Charging capacity: 10-1200Ah Maintenance capacity: 5-3600Ah Output voltage: 12 Volt Cable length, with clamps: 2700 mm Dimensions: 310 x 150 x 350 mm Weight: 8.5 kg

TECHNICAL DATA Power supply: 230V Output voltage: 12-24V Charging current: 1-40A Starting current: 350A max cc Charging capacity: 4-450Ah

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€ 30,00


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1 014980142

€ 1.250,00

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analogue battery tester, 6-12V


for testing 6V and 12V batteries up to 1000CCA

memory saver, 12 V

prevents data stored by computer on board cars from getting lost during maintenance jobs or battery replacement.

READING TABLE TEST RESULTS: OK (GREEN) Battery capacity is OK. Battery may or may not be fully charged. Make sure it is completely recharged. WEAK or BAD but needle remains in fi xed position (YELLOW OR RED): UNSATISFACTORY battery capacity. Battery may be faulty or not completely charged. If battery is not fully charged (100%) battery must be replaced. WEAK or BAD but needle does not remain fi xed in place - (YELLOW OR RED): Battery may be faulty or to the ground. Replace battery.

1498SM Technical speci fi cations: - self-supplied - internal battery Pb 5 Ah - 12 volts - professional connection with OBD socket € 267,00

L mm

L1 mm

P mm

€ 62,00

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1498TB/6-12 290 170 75

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1 014980020

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