Beta Abrasives Catalogue 2023

HARD CUTTING AND GRINDING DISCS Hard discs mean the main category of this new product family; hence Beta Utensili has concentrated on selecting the very best materials and types.

Cutting and grinding discs are the quickest and most versatile instruments for working a wide variety of materials, by using the most suitable tools, whether angle grinders or stationary machines.

A cutting disc is made up of three main parts:

1 - Abrasive grains

which allow material to be removed, through the continuous abrasive action of the sharp edges of the individual grains. Corundum – A good-quality aluminium oxide, the basic choice for each professional abrasive. Zirconia – Composed of corundum with the addition of zirconium oxide, resulting in increased strength and allowing sharp edges to regenerate, for increased cutting speed. Silicon carbide – An extremely hard material, ideal for working hard, brittle materials (stone, marble, refractories) and nonferrous materials. The dimensions of the grains are chosen by Beta according to the required thickness and characteristics of the disc. The grain size of Beta’s discs ranges from 24 to 60.


1 2

2 - Resin binders

made of fibreglass, ensures high resistance of the disc to centrifugal forces and mechanical stress. 3 - Reinforcement mesh

are used to amalgamate grains with reinforcement mesh. Beta relies on resins which can withstand high temperatures produced by cutting or grinding.





cutting disc with depressed centre

cutting disc with flat centre

grinding disc with depressed centre


Uncompromising quality: for extremely demanding users.


High quality for high performance, at competitive prices, for the best quality/price ratio.


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