Beta Abrasives Catalogue 2023

FLAP DISCS Flap discs are made up of abrasive cloth flaps glued onto a support; they are an excellent choice for roughing and finishing operations. Generally speaking, they ensure quicker removal, more homogeneous finish, fewer vibrations, less vibration, less noise and lower operating temperatures than grinding discs.

They are available with cloths made of several different abrasive materials, with different grain sizes and two different types of support.

TYPES of abrasive grains

Z = Zirconia

The special ceramic-coating process further improves the characteristics of zirconium oxide, thereby resulting in increased durability. Z-Cer = Ceramic-coated zirconia

Zirconium oxide ensures remarkable durability in heavy removal jobs, based on its self-dressing properties.

A = Corundum

Cer = Ceramic

Aluminium oxide is highly resistant to crushing and is therefore suitable for use on hard-wearing materials.

Durable abrasive with a sintered microstructure, breaking into very small particles, thereby keeping creating new edges.




The nylon support frame imparts elasticity to the disc, reducing vibration during use.

The fibreglass support has a more rigid frame, which ensures increased pressure on the disc. In addition, fibreglass reduces the possibility that accidental traces will form on the material being worked.


Single construction

Double construction

Double flap construction ensures increased removal and aggressiveness. It is ideal for heavy jobs requiring much pressure on the surface being worked.

Single flap construction ensures more delicate and accurate jobs. It is ideal for operations requiring more precise finish.


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